New Multi Media Project – Eastern Voices; Western Echoes

Today is the launch of our multi media project Eastern Voices; Western Echoes.

This cross cultural music theatre production seeks to showcase an array of exceptionally talented young Arab and Western musicians. It  is a theatrical allegory of Arabic musical influences on Western classical music, exploring the themes of love, separation, longing and exile, exemplified in the commissioned work by rising British composer Bushra El-Turk ‘Of Laughter and Forgetting’ a cameo piece within the concert performance.

These themes are highlighted through voice, Arabic instruments, orchestra and theatrical story telling that give rise to a dramatic interpretation of these eternal human conditions, with a smattering of humour, comedy and passionate romance.

This programmed event brings artistic innovation and cultural exchange on a performance level that will access the wider community. The project achieves a mix of the arts to suit a range of public tastes with a an emphaiss on maintaining and exploring an innovatory programme which reaches out to the community. Most improtantly it will reach out to a new generation of audience not previously exposed to classical music or Arabic traditional music. The programme concentrates on involving young people to help encourage a culture of young British/Arab musicians that are supported and encouraged with the task of playing a vital part in the future of classical music.

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