Affiliated Charities:

The Chronic Care Centre for Thalassemia and Diabetes, Lebanon Hamazkayin, Lebanon

The Lebanese American University, Lebanon

BLA (British Lebanese Association) Scholarship Fund, UK and Lebanon

St. John Eye Hospital in East Jerusalem

Al-Hussein Society for the Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the
Physically Challenged (AHS), Jordan

Well Being, UK

Arab Women Association, UK

British Lebanese Association, UK

British Youth Opera, UK

Chamber Domaine, UK


About The Peace and Prosperity Trust



Through the universal language of music and by promoting young artists from the Middle East and the Western World, the Peace and Prosperity Trust raises awareness and funds for charitable projects in the Middle East and for its young artists.

Working towards “Peace” is achieved by using the international language of music and opera to produce concerts which include the fusion of Middle Eastern and Western music, as well as the fusion of different cultures.

Working towards “Prosperity” is achieved by creating awareness and sometimes funding through these projects to specified charities dealing with education, health, poverty and culture.

The young artists who strongly believe in the purpose of the Trust, become the Ambassadors of the Trust as they too believe in spreading the message of “Peace and Prosperity” throughout.


Strategic Objectives

In line with our mission, The Peace and Prosperity Trust has four key strategic objectives.

1. To support charitable projects in the Middle East

Most of our concerts are affiliated with a charity that works towards peace and prosperity in the Middle East. We recognize that without prosperity, there can be no peace. Raising awareness of specific charities and their causes creates direct fundraising and campaigning, helping them to alleviate poverty, improve health, promote education and preserve cultural heritage.

2. To create cultural fusion and promote peace

Our concerts provide a forum for Middle Eastern and Western cultures to come together and offer an exchange of music, tradition and heritage. This not only creates an environment for mutual learning and understanding, it also provides a living example of how reconciliation and harmony can exist between fractured communities: sending out a powerful message of hope and peace.

3. To give voice to and support young talent

Through our concerts we promote and inspire musical talent from the Middle East and the West. Our concerts provide artists with the opportunity to showcase their abilities, work with globally renowned musicians, and establish themselves on an international stage.

4. To develop ambassadors

As the success of our artists grows, we hope they will become ambassadors of our work, and support us in building a legacy of harmony and reconciliation. Supporting more artists and building more relationships with musicians, venues and charities globally, will ensure our reach widens and our impact strengthens: helping our message of peace and prosperity to resonate across the world.

5. To use culture and music to give hope and a future to youngsters affected by war

So much of the Middle East today is in serious turmoil and we are witnessing mass migration and homelessness. The Trust plans to use music and culture to help young people get off the streets and offer them hope, purpose and grounding in life by providing workshops, performances, master classes, educational programs and where possible musical instruments into their homes.

History of The Peace and Prosperity Trust

Based and registered in London, the Peace & Prosperity Trust was established in 1994 by Founding Trustee Mr. Rajai Khouri with the support of H.R.H. Princess Dina of Jordan, Mrs. Barbel Abela, Dr David Sambar and a group of Arab, European, and American personalities.

The Trust is overseen by a Board of Trustees supported by a Board of Advisors all of whom are highly regarded and influential individuals from the Middle East and the West, as well as prominent members of the global art community.

The Trust has organized many concerts and performances in the UK involving, amongst others, The London Welsh Male Voice Choir, the Lebanese/Armenian soprano Sona Ghazarian, the Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova and the Palestinian pianist Saleem Abboud Ashkar. The first concert organized outside the UK was in Amman, Jordan in November 2010 when some of the young artists whom the Trust are promoting performed.

The Trust was also instrumental in the development of a project involving Luciano Pavarotti performing in Lebanon for the Beirut Festival in June 1999, as well as a project for the performance in London of Mozart’s “Il Re Pastore”, produced by Alan Seivewright for the British Lebanese Association in November 1999.

In December 2007, the Trust produced its first CD “A Message of Peace at Christmas” sung by Mr. Rajai F. Khouri. Rajai and all the artists who appeared on the CD donated their time to raise funds for the Trust.

In February 2012, the Trust produced Eastern Voices : Western Echoes, at Cadogan Hall in London. This spectacle showcased the Trust’s young artists through a musical journey from the East to the West using opera, traditional Arab music, and a new work commissioned especially for the concert.