Affiliated Charities:

The Chronic Care Centre for Thalassemia and Diabetes, Lebanon Hamazkayin, Lebanon

The Lebanese American University, Lebanon

BLA (British Lebanese Association) Scholarship Fund, UK and Lebanon

St. John Eye Hospital in East Jerusalem

Al-Hussein Society for the Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the
Physically Challenged (AHS), Jordan

Well Being, UK

Arab Women Association, UK

British Lebanese Association, UK

British Youth Opera, UK

Chamber Domaine, UK


The Peace and Prosperity Trust Associated Artists

The following artists have worked with the Trust, supporting, promoting and participating in the concerts and activities of the Trust.

Rajai Khouri, Baritone

Rajai Khouri

Rajai is an architect by profession and a keen music lover. He is a trained opera singer who has been singing since he was 15. Rajai, who has been living in London for more than 30 years, has performed in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, both on stage and in Concerts.

“My love for opera and sacred music has led me to meet many talented artists in the music world, as well as many patrons active in spreading the message of peace”.

Coupled with this love of music, his project development work in the Middle East led him to play an active role in
the Peace Process starting with the Oslo Agreement.

Born in Jerusalem, he lived in Lebanon throughout his childhood and part of his adult life where he studied at the International College and the American University of Beirut. Seeing first hand the unfolding troubles in that part of the world, and having suffered from the wars there,
he became involved with many political and religious personalities, all active in finding ways of achieving lasting peace in the Holy Land. “I have supported peace as a business man and as a musician for many years now.

In December 2007 The Peace and Prosperity Trust produced its first CD ‘A Message of Peace at Christmas’ sung by Rajai. “I am releasing this compilation because I believe it is time for me to promote this message of peace through my singing and music. Music transcends all boundaries and I believe that vocal music, in
particular, is one of the strongest and most effective ways of spreading this essential and noble message”.

Rajai wishes to promote the message of peace, love and
hope in the Holy Land and also Lebanon and other neighbouring countries. He believes that peace specifically in Jerusalem is vital for achieving peace in the rest of the world.

Rajai’s Music CV in PDF form


Keith Beresford

Keith Beresford, Pianist

Keith began to play the piano at the age of 12, initially teaching himself. He found that he developed a keen interest in understanding the physics of music (consistent with which he subsequently obtained an academic qualification in physics) and in analysing the way each piece of music that he plays is structured. Through this analysis he developed the habit of playing from memory. After some years, Keith sought to improve his technique and took piano lessons from a number of teachers. Most influential was Linda Ang, who was taught by André Esterhazy, a former pupil of the famous Russian teacher, Heinrich Neuhaus (often known as the father of the Russian piano school) of the Moscow Conservatory.

Keith regularly plays at functions and charity events in many different parts of the world, accompanying singers of a variety of different styles, focusing particularly on music from the theatre and film. Recently he was invited to accompany Alexandria Beck (representing Canada) and Zeina Barhoum (representing Jordan) at a gala concert in Amman, Jordan organised by the Peace and Prosperity Trust to celebrate the signing of a free-trade agreement between Canada and Jordan. Keith is constantly working with Rajai Khouri and with the Young Artists of the Peace and Prosperity Trust.

Keith’s accompaniments are largely improvisations based closely upon the structure of the music which he has memorised.